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life-sustaining play

play-sustaining life

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Samyoga Institute, @CFW

Slow Flow & Core

Center for Wholeness

This slow-paced vinyasa class has an emphasis on longer holds and releasing tension and will include exercises to build core strength. Slowing down as we transition through the asana practice creates a meditative, nurturing practice that facilitates endurance, strength and self-awareness. Students familiar with Julia’s style of teaching have commented “You never feel like you're in one of those classes where you're expected to "compete" with those around you. You're there for you and she'll remind you of that... It was one of the only yoga classes where I could actually track my own progress and see myself improve.”

Monday/Wednesday/Friday, Noon- 1pm. For more information visit the Classes page.

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 12 noon

NEW! Slow Flow Yoga & Core

Courtesy Diane Faridad

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"... Life is eternal and everywhere
Yet remains a quality precious,
treasured and rare.
Receive the quality of openness and know clarity,
Centeredness and know focus,
Playfulness, and know joy;
Receive the quality of humility
And know the greatness of Life.
... Without openness there is separation
Without centeredness, interference
without playfulness, decay..."

Haven Trevino, The Tao of Healing

Play is the nature of the universe.

liilaa yoga